usage: pemmican-reset [-h] [--help-all] [--help-gapplication]


-h, --help

show the help message and exit


show all available help options and exit


show help options specific to GLib.Application and exit


run the application in GApplication service mode (for DBus service files)


pemmican-reset is intended to be a one-shot operation, launched as a user-slice systemd service by the “graphical-session” target. Its operation is in essence identical to pemmican-cli, but rather than printing to stdout, it reports warnings via the freedesktop notification service.

It first checks whether the last reset occurred due to a brownout (undervolt) condition and, if it was, sends a critical notification to the notification service.

If you wish to suppress this warning for your user, touch the file ~/.config/pemmican/brownout.inhibit. If you wish to suppress this warning system-wide, touch the file /etc/xdg/pemmican/brownout.inhibit.


It is strongly recommended that any such notice is heeded, as brownout is very likely to lead to any manner of other (hard to predict or replicate) issues up to and including data corruption.

Put simply, suppressing this warning is probably a very bad idea!

If the last reset was normal (or there was no last reset), the script further checks if the power supply negotiated a full 5A feed. If it did not, this also results in a warning printed to stdout.

The Pi 5 can be reliably operated without a 5A feed, provided the peripherals attached to it are relatively light in their power draw. Depending on circumstance, you may well wish to suppress this warning which can be done for your individual user by touching the file ~/.config/pemmican/max_current.inhibit or system-wide by touching /etc/xdg/pemmican/max_current.inhibit.


Because the notifications generated by this application are capable of launching a web-browser (via the “More Information” action), the script will also bail with an error in the event that DISPLAY or WAYLAND_DISPLAY are not found in the environment at startup.

See Also

pemmican-cli, pemmican-mon

The freedesktop notifications specification.


Please report bugs at: