Pemmican is a small utility which warns users of power supply issues on the Raspberry Pi 5 platform. It provides a command line utility, intended for use from the update-motd facility for non-graphical platforms, and two GLib-based applications for use on graphical platforms, which expect to talk to a DBus service implementing the freedesktop notifications specification:

  • pemmican-cli – the command line utility

  • pemmican-reset – the one-shot notification service which warns of brownout reset issues, and failure to negotiate a 5A feed

  • pemmican-mon – the persistent notification service which warns of active undervolt or USB overcurrent events


End users should never need to run these directly; distro packaging should integrate these applications into the platform as appropriate (an MOTD plugin for the command line application, and systemd user services activated by for the graphical applications).

What’s in a Name?

This project started life as PMICmon (for Power Management IC monitor), but I kept mis-pronouncing it as as pemmican!


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